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Data recovery services can recover data on otherwise lost or damaged hard drives. If you lose your hard drive and standard tools cannot recover data off of it, a data recovery service company can usually recover the data for the right price. These services generally range in the several hundred dollar to over a thousand dollars.

Your data may become corrupted for many reasons including hardware failure, viruses, software corruption, and user error. Today’s techniques use a variety of both hardware and software to recover your data. Data can be recovered in almost all instances using either software tools or sophisticated data recovery services offered.

Data can be corrupted by damage to the physical media (e.g. water, fire, magnetic fields, etc) or errors in writing data to the disk (e.g. malfunctioning media drive, user error, and so on).

There are companies that are able to take off all the data still remaining on the media, even though it's damaged, and piece it all together again. In some cases they can even use this recovered data to recreate the lost data.

Depending on which media type was being used, the type and extent of damage caused, and the company chosen to recover the data, you should be able to recover at least some (if not all) of your important information.

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