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Teleconferencing Defined

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A teleconference is a telephone meeting among several business associates. Teleconferencing utilizes technology that is much more high tech than a simple phone conversation. A teleconference can be as simple as an with both ends of the conversation using a speaker phone to as complex as a video teleconference utilizing full motion video images.

The term, "teleconferencing," refers to two-way electronic communications between two or more groups, or three or more individuals, who are in separate locations. In order to interconnect people, teleconferencing systems use telecommunications channels that range from regular telephone lines to satellite links. The only requirement is that the medium be interactive, giving people at each location the opportunity to actively participate in the meeting or teleconferenced session.

We use teleconferencing as an umbrella term to cover all forms and types of conferencing activities; that is, audio as well as video, and as long as it meets each of the elements in the above definition. Any form of teleconferencing also has several common technical factors.

While still expensive, the cost of teleconferencing has steadily reduced in step with the bandwidth required to perform the function.

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