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Data Backup Media:
Recordable CD or DVD / Optical Flash Drive / Zip Disk / Mirroring Data / RAID / IDE Hard Drive put in a USB or Firewire case

Data Backup Options
Selected Files / Entire or Full System / Data Only / Network Data Only / New Files / Changed Files

Using backup software is the best way to prevent a data recovery problem. You can download plenty of DVD, CD, Tape and disk backup programs for all systems. Make sure you learn to... Backup, copy, recover, image, protect and convert data to best protect yourself.

A flat rate Data Recovery company is your best bet. Find a flat rate data recovery shop for hard drives, RAID, and even SAN systems. Many support OS such as Windows, Netware, SCO Unix, SCO Xenix and MAC.

Data Recovery Tools and Services now give 24/7 Help and support. There are many companies around that focus on data recovery. Most promise to recover your data in a cost effective and efficient manner. Sometimes you will have to go with a particular vendor for your operating system, but many companies can now offer support to recover data from all operating systems and media. A free consultation might be best to see how much you may have to pay.

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