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Audio Teleconferencing Defined

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Audio teleconferencing is voice-only communication. It links people in remote locations via ordinary phone lines. Audio systems include telephone conference calls as well as more sophisticated systems that connect multiple locations - from just a few to many hundreds - via a central bridge that ties all the lines together.

Voice quality is of primary importance to user satisfaction with teleconferencing whether it is audio only, audio graphic or video. Uneven or weak voice levels, noise, acoustic feedback, voice clipping, and other impairments can act as barriers to system acceptance. Audio technology, therefore, plays an important role in influencing user attitudes with any form of teleconferencing.

Commercial Bridging Services:
Commercial bridging services have grown out of the audio bridging marketplace. There are approximately 30 vendors of bridging services today. These services developed as more organizations wanted high-quality bridging to hold audio teleconferences without the overhead of having an in-house bridge.

Commercial bridging provides a wide array of services to users including call initiation options (meet-me, fully automated, operator dialed, customer dialed, dial-in WATS and so forth), operator monitoring, operator recall, tape recording or on-line playback of recorded messages/information, polling capabilities, subconferencing, and customized answering.

Commercial bridging services do not typically use secured bridges but rather secure conferences by using private passcodes or numbers that only conference participants are given. These passcodes or numbers are then cleared with an operator before a caller is admitted to the audio teleconference.

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